About Us

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a progressive and technology-driven global conglomerate by capitalizing on our core business while seeking new opportunities to constantly enhance the economic value for our stakeholders.

We shall ensure balanced and responsible management through members of our Group by:

  • Focusing on our customers’ needs by providing products and services, which meet their requirements and drive their success.
  • Applying information technology in enhancing our business efficiency and in supply chain management.
  • Monitoring the continual improvement and upgrading of our operation technologies, facilities and human resource capabilities to keep abreast of changing market preferences and demands.
  • Inculcating a passion for excellence and commitment throughout the organization and contribute effectively towards nation-building and the welfare of society.
  • Supporting our enterprising employees through “intrapreneurship” schemes with the provision of seed capital.
  • Identifying new ventures or business sectors that are logical extensions of our principal areas of business and strategically viable; or where our management can effectively value-add our expertise.