About Us

Corporate Overview

Since 1973, PLB Engineering Berhad (“PLB”) has evolved from its humble beginnings in foundry and fabrication of machinery parts to be a player in the construction industry with experience of more than 40 years and projects worth RM2 Billion. It is currently listed as the main board company on Bursa Malaysia Securities with a paid-up capital exceeding RM91 million. PLB Group consists of 26 subsidiaries and associate companies. With its main businesses focusing on Construction, Property Development & Environmental Management.
Through “Flexibility”, “Innovation”, “Teamwork” and “Engineering Expertise” (FITE), which are the four cornerstones of our foundation, we believe that we are in the position to meet the challenges that await us while seizing new opportunities for growth.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a progressive and technology-driven global conglomerate by capitalizing on our core business while seeking new opportunities to constantly enhance the economic value for our stakeholders.

We shall ensure balanced and responsible management through members of our Group by:

  • Focusing on our customers’ needs by providing products and services, which meet their requirements and drive their success.
  • Applying information technology in enhancing our business efficiency and in supply chain management.
  • Monitoring the continual improvement and upgrading of our operation technologies, facilities and human resource capabilities to keep abreast of changing market preferences and demands.
  • Inculcating a passion for excellence and commitment throughout the organization and contribute effectively towards nation-building and the welfare of society.
  • Supporting our enterprising employees through “intrapreneurship” schemes with the provision of seed capital.
  • Identifying new ventures or business sectors that are logical extensions of our principal areas of business and strategically viable; or where our management can effectively value-add our expertise.

Quality Policy

PLB GROUP is committed to providing our customers with quality products and services which not only meet their requirements but also drive their success.

In fulfilling our commitment, we shall keep abreast of technological advancement; be innovative, and continually seek improvement in everything we do.

We shall live quality as a way of life and shall pursue excellence at every level so that we may consistently and continually satisfy our customers.

Quality Objectives

  • To provide products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value to our customers on time, thereby gaining and holding their respect and loyalty.
  • To provide opportunities for employees’ personal growth and continually upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  • To provide a safe, healthy, and conducive working environment for employees.


Corporate Structure


The Group has evolved from a sole proprietor business to an integrated construction company with core activities such as:-

  • Design, construction, and civil engineering work including turnkey construction.
  • Property development and management in niche markets.
  • Manufacturing of building and construction materials
  • Waste management                                                                                                                     






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